Network Security: L2 (switching) security

Layer 2 attacks
Если разрушить фундамент – разрушиться весь дом. Поэтому безопасность на канальном уровне крайне важна.
Disrupt the bottom of the wall and the top is disrupted too.
Рекомендация/технология и от чего защищает:
  • Select native vlan as unused vlan on trunk (not vlan 1) – vlan hopping attacks
  • Configure access ports as access ports – DTP attacks
  • Limit mac addresses by port security – CAM attacks, mac spoofing

  • BPDU guard/root guard – STP topology (DOS, MITM attacks)

  • Disable CDP/LLDP – reconnaissance attacks

  • Shut unused ports – Implicit deny/whitelisting/default deny: теория в security, пример практики в cisco ios nfp architecture
  • DHCP snooping – dhcp attacks, basic for DAI/IPSG (IP source guard)

  • DAI – arp spoofing attacks, rate limit


  • IPSG – ip spoofing attacks
  • Storm control – flood/DOS attacks
  • 802.1x – authentication before access to network
  • ACL – control by policy

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