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Question/answers Huawei HCNA Cloud BCCP H13-511 из разных источников (mock, вопросы honorcup, с обучения Huawei, лекций на git и из разных мест в интернете – например, отсюда и отсюда) единым списком для удобства подготовки. Это не dumps, а те дампы, которые есть, они не имеют отношения к текущему HCNA Cloud – то что я видел вообще были для старого Storage.


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Cloud computing is just a technique.


What stages does the evolution of cloud computing have? (Select 3 Answers)

  1. parallel computing
  2. distributed computing
  3. serial computing
  4. cloud computing

What are the value of cloud computing? (Select 3 Answers)

  1. resource exclusive , efficient performance
  2. automatic scheduling, energy conservation and emissions reduction
  3. cooling denoising, green office
  4. efficient maintenance, reduce the cost

What elements promote cloud compunting? (Three answer)

  1. Maximizes the reuse of existing resources to reduce operating expenditure
  2. Are absorbing an increasing number of subscribers
  3. Cloud computing standards develop rapidly and integration of IT and CT technologies requires IT infrastructure upgrades
  4. Hardware Computing upgrades every time

Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet (True or False)


How the evolution of cloud computing is?

  1. Cloud Computing -> Parallel computing -> Distributed Computing -> Grid computing
  2. Parallel computing -> Grid computing -> Distributed Computing ->Cloud Computing
  3. Parallel computing -> Distributed Computing -> Grid computing -> Cloud Computing
  4. Cloud Computing -> Grid computing-> Parallel computing -> Distributed Computing
Cloud computing mainly refers to computing, little relationship with storage areas.

What is the core technology of cloud computing ?

  1. A. Virtualization
  2. B. High performance hardware
  3. C. Data center management and control software
  4. D. Integration Consulting and Delivery
Computing tasks assigned to multiple independent machines in the network, the calculation mode refers to?
  1. parallel computing
  2. distributed computing
  3. grid computing
  4. cloud computing

Internet company’s data are generally structured data.


The company set up a cloud computing service platform. It provides virtual machine resource to make the users in need to purchase and use. Which cloud compute deployment model does this company belong to?

  1. Public Cloud
  2. Private Cloud
  3. government Cloud
  4. Hybrid Cloud

An enterprise is a traditional Internet data center services provider, have self-built data center. When the company considers restructuring towards cloud computing industry, which of the following cloud computing business model is the most likely choice?

  1. IaaS
  2. PaaS
  3. SaaS
  4. DaaS

From a business perspective, which of the following is similar with cloud computing?

  1. gas stations
  2. water pipe
  3. Plant Information
  4. Reservoir

What factors jointly promote the result of the generation of Cloud computing ? (Select 3 Answers)

  1. demand-driven
  2. technical progress
  3. business model transformation
  4. transformation of the mode of thinking

Intranet Chinese name is the Internet, also known as the Internet , it is by using the common language of mutual communication computer connection network around the world.


Cloud Computing, over the Internet provides shared software and hardware resources as well as data information on demand to computers and other devices (True or False)


Cloud computing is a style of computing in which isn’t dynamically scalable but it often virtualized resources are provided as a service over Internet (True or False)


What could be the key characteristics of cloud computing? (two Answer)

  1. On-demand self-service
  2. Location dependent resource pooling
  3. Pay per use
  4. Slightly elastic

Which of this statements are true? (Three answers)

  1. Dedicated mainframes, minicomputers, and high-end servers are replaced by massive inexpensive servers.
  2. Standalone operating systems (OSs) are replaced by distributed software
  3. Multiples store area network is replaced by newest storage system
  4. Centralized management is replaced by automated control software

The CORE of cloud computing is…

  1. Cloud service platform software
  2. Cloud application platform software
  3. Cloud servers and storage platform software
  4. Cloud platform software

Under Cloud era, software, hardware, and services are not provided over the Internet, because the users will access services using a web browser or a Lightweight terminal, every day and every time. (True or False)


What are the different methods deployment for Cloud Computing? (three answers)

  1. Private Cloud
  2. Hybrid Cloud
  3. Public Cloud
  4. Mixed Cloud

Provides applications running, development environments and application development component such as databases, emails, and messages.

  1. IaaS
  2. PaaS
  3. SaaS
  4. MaaS

The technologie Huawei FusionSphere is based on…

  1. Hosted virtualization
  2. Os-level virtualization
  3. Bare-metal virtualization
  4. Hybrid virtualization

Some advantages from Bare-metal are: (choose two answers)

  1. Wide compatibility with OS and applicatios
  2. Easy to implement
  3. High performance due to no redundancy
  4. OS independent VMs

The Hypervisor uses one of kind of memory to release the free memory space of lighter-loaded VMs to those VMS that heavier load. In this way de memory utilization is increased. What kind of memory we talk about?

  1. Memory Ballooning
  2. Memory Sharing
  3. Copy on write
  4. Memory swapping

How are based on the resource priorities of QoS in a Internet Data Center leasing?

  1. Based on the importance sequence of an enterprise
  2. Based on the importance sequence of customers
  3. Base on the carrier´s internal applicacions

Does “the Huawei cloud management expert system” permit unified hardware and software management? (true or false)


Which of the following statements are correct? (Two Answers)

  1. Hypervisor allows you to group VMs from different departments into different VLANs
  2. Hypervisor allows you to configure VLANs for connection route point to point
  3. Hypervisor allows you to group VMs from any geographical location and any dry switches
  4. Hypervisor allows you to configure VLANs for distributed virtual switches (DVSs) and use port groups to configure VM VLANs.

The Active Directory is a sophisticated service component of a Windows Server. It processes network objects, including users, groups, computers, network domain controllers, emails, organizational units, and trees in organizations. (true or false)


An AD structure is an arrangement of object information (true or false)


These are functions about AD? (Three answers)

  1. Virtual desktop, virtual storage, virtual hardware, LUNs and host
  2. Basic network services like DNS, WINS, DHCP and certificate services
  3. Server and client computer management, user service, printers and file sharing services
  4. Desktop configuration and application system support , like email, office automation, antivirus systems, etc.

The AD network domain organizes the following basic objects into a tree structure: (two answers)

  1. Domain controllers, computers and users
  2. Foreign domain groups
  3. Organizational Units and Built in account groups
  4. Fixed virtual storages domain

AD directory tree form a doman directory tree in this order:

  1. Child domain and parent domain
  2. tree domain group and tree domain parent
  3. tree domain parent and tree domain group
  4. Parent domain, child domain

In AD, the root domain and other domain trees in a forest are linked through a transitive trust hierarchy  (true or false)


How the order the process into AD desktop application is?

  1. The user logs in to the desktop using the username in the domain, the Desktop Delivery Controller request the AD server to authenticate user information, the user VM synchronizes domain information with the domain controller.
  2. The user VM synchronizes domain information with the domain controller, the user logs in to the desktop using the username in the domain, the Desktop Delivery Controller request the AD server to authenticate user information.
  3. The Desktop Delivery Controller request the AD server to authenticate user information, the user logs in to the desktop using the username in the domain, the user VM synchronizes domain information with the domain controller.

What are the statement correct about DHCP? (Two answers)

  1. The discovery mechanism select the IP address for the VM
  2. The confirmation mechanism obtain the valid status form for seek a new IP address for DHCP clients
  3. One DHCP application is assign IP addresses on one network segment and other is, assign IP addresses across multiple network segments
  4. The VM can automatically obtain an IP address from the configured subnet using the DHCP service of the VRM in FusionSphere.

Which network equipment is a distributed database supporting the translation between domain names and IP addresses?

  1. DHCP
  2. DNS
  3. AD
  4. VLAN

Typical DNS application (Three answers)

  1. The domain names of the LB and DDC are registered in the DNS
  2. The users accesses the desktop using the LB domain name
  3. The VM regularly registers with the DDC using the DDC domain name
  4. The DNS client configuring the DNS interface in the main port

A virtual machine (VM) is a software computer that functions like a physical computer, running an operating system (OS) and applications.  A VM runs on a host, obtains CPUs, memory, GPU, USB devices, and other resources on the host, and uses network connection and storage access capabilities of the host. Multiple VMs can run concurrently on one host. (True or False)


What are the correct? (Three answers)

  1. The VM creation location can be a host or a cluster.
  2. After a VM is created, you can migrate it to another host
  3. After you created a VM, you can not change the its attribute
  4. After a VM is created, you can perform operations to adjust its specifications and peripherals, such as adding network interface cards (NICs), mounting CD/DVD-ROM drivers, attaching disks, GPU, and USB devices.

A VM template is a copy of a VM, containing an OS, applications, and VM specification configurations. It is used to create VMs that have OSs installed. Compared with creating bare VMs, creating VMs using a template reduces much time. (true or false)


A VM template could to consist of (three answers)

  1. one OVA file
  2. one OVM file
  3. or one OVF file
  4. and multiple VHD files.

Each virtual network interface card (NIC) has an IP address and a MAC address. It has the same functions as a physical NIC on a network. FusionCompute supports intelligent NICs (iNICs),


FusionCompute supports intelligent NICs (iNICs) which use (two answers)

  1. engine NIC corrector
  2. memory random NIC
  3. multiple queues, virtual swapping
  4. quality of service (QoS), and uplink aggregation to improve NIC I/O performance.
Each host connects to a distributed virtual switch (DVS), which functions as a physical switch. The DVS connects to VMs through a virtual port in the downstream direction and to the host NIC in the upstream direction. The DVS implements network communication between hosts and VMs. In addition, the DVS ensures unchanged network configuration for VMs when the VMs are migrated across hosts. (true or false)

Server virtualization enables physical server resources to be converted to logical resources. With virtualization technology, a server can be divided into multiple virtual computing resources that are isolated with each other. CPU, memory, disks, and I/O resources become pooled resources that are dynamically managed. (true or false)


Server virtualization characteristics are: (three answers)

  1. Increases resource utilization rate.
  2. Simplifies system management
  3. Implements server integration.
  4. Reduce efficiency

One VM support a maximum of 64 vCPUs. (true or false)


Today, One VM support more than of 1 TB virtual memory. (true or false)


Server virtualization involves the following features (Three answers)

  1. Bare metal architecture
  2. Floppy disk pass-through
  3. CPU and Memory virtualization
  4. GPU, iNIC, and USB pass-through



Storage virtualization enables a storage device to be converted to a logical data store. A VM is stored as a set of files in a directory on a data store. A data store is a logical repository that is similar to a file system. It can combine storage devices of different types and provide a unified model to store VM files. The storage virtualization technology helps the system manage virtual infrastructure storage resources with high resource utilization and flexibility.  (true or false)


Huawei data stores support the following file system formats:

  1. Virtual image management system (VIMS)
  2. MKDF
  3. Network file system (NFS)
  4. EXT4

Snapshots of a VM record… (three answers)

  1. cache data
  2. the disk data
  3. memory data
  4. configuration data

What is the virtualization? (two answers)

  1. Convert logical resources into resources physical
  2. Convert physical resources into logical resources
  3. Add a virtualization layer on the system to virtualized its underlying resources
  4. Adds y recovery logical devices to physical devices

Some benefits of Virtualization could be… (Three answers)

  1. Improved hardware utilization and OS desacouple from hardware
  2. Reduce carbon footprints
  3. Reduce IOPS between hardware and software
  4. Efficient IT operation, maintenance and lower labor cost

In Principle of de Virtualization, what define it: Multiple VMs can run on the same physical server?

  1. Zoning
  2. Isolation
  3. Encapsulation
  4. Hardware-independence

Virtual Machine Monitor is refered to…

  1. Host Machine Monitoring
  2. Guest Machine Monitoring
  3. Reduce Machine Monitoring
  4. Hypervisor

Which of the virtualization patterns is the major trend?

  1. Hosted Virtualization
  2. Bare-metal Virtualization
  3. OS-level virtualization
  4. Hybrid Virtualization

Types of computing virtualization (Three answers)

  1. CPU Virtualization
  2. Memory Virtualization
  3. I/O Device Virtualization
  4. Monitor Virtualization

Multiple VMs share the same physical device, such as a disk or network adapter. Those I/O devices are multiplexed using time-division technology. This technology is called as

  1. I/O CPU
  2. I/O Memory
  3. I/O Storage
  4. I/O device

Into Virtual CPU. VMs share the same Memory addresses (true or false)


The typical virtualization approaches are privilege deprivileging and trap-and-emulation. Specifically, guest OSs run at a non-privileged level deprivileging) whereas the Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) runs at the highest privilege level (full control of system resources). After guest OSs are de-privileged, most of their instructions can still be executed on hardware. Only the privileged instructions are trapped and emulated by the VMM. (True or False)


The key point of memory virtualization lies in introducing a new layer of address space, that is, the physical address space of clients. Clients think that they run in the actual physical address space; however, they access physical addresses through the VMM in fact. The VMM saves the mapping table that records relationships between clients’ address spaces and physical machines’ address spaces.


An x86 processor has four priorities in protected mode, Ring 0, Ring 1, Ring 2, and Ring 3. The priority of each Ring is subject to the performed function. Ring 0 is used for the OS kernel and has the highest priority. Ring 1 and Ring 2 are used for OS services and have lower priorities. Ring 3 is used for applications and has the lowest priority.


I/O virtualization needs to resolve the following two problems:

  1. Device discovery: Controls the devices accessible to VMs.
  2. Reuse the memory: Many VM request great amount the memory
  3. Access interception: Processes devices’ access requests through I/O ports.
  4. Try and try CPU resources: Many VM request great amount the CPU instructions

In the I/O virtualization, How to discover a device? (Three answers)

  1. The front-end OS for the device is loaded.
  2. The device information about all VMs is saved on the XenStore of Domain0.
  3. The XenBus (a paravirtualizaton driver designed for Xen) on VMs communicates with the XenStore of Domain0 to obtain device information.
  4. The front-end driver for the device is loaded.

In I/O virtualization, How to intercept device data? (two answers)

  1. The front-end device driver forwards data completely to the back-end driver through the interfaces provided by the VMM.
  2. The back-end driver processes VM data on a time and channel basis.
  3. The front-end device driver forwards I/O instructions to core cpu
  4. The back-end driver processes data host

VT-x refers to the VT technology adopted by Xeon processors and VT-I refers to the VT technology adopted by Itanium processors. (True or false)


VT-d: VT for Direct I/O, which is applied on chip sets. It allows VMs to directly access I/O devices to relieve the loads of the VMM and CPU. (True or false)


VT-c: VT for Connectivity, which is mainly applied on network adapters. It includes two core technologies: VMDq and VMDc. (True or false)


Storage device virtualization leverages storage devices’ capabilities to maintain volumes. With this type of virtualization, storage devices can offer some advanced storage functions such as … (Three answer)

  1. thin provisioning,
  2. lun copy
  3. snapshot
  4. linked clone

“Host storage virtualization + File system” allows hosts to manage VM disk files through file systems. This type of virtualization allows the virtualization layer to provide advanced services that are independent of storage devices. (True or false)


Currently, storage device virtualization applies ….. and provides a small number of advanced functions. (Two answers)

  1. Huawei Advanced SAN
  2. FusionStorage
  3. FusionCPU
  4. Huawei Advanced NAS

“Host Storage Virtualization + File System” allows hosts to manage VM disk files through file systems. This type of virtualization allows the virtualization layer to provide advanced services. Currently, this type of virtualization is widely applied. (True or false)


A cloud computing data center don’t allows dynamic migration of VMs, which is easy in traditional data centers. (True or false)


Distributed virtual switching implement… one u other switches, What are they? (Two answers)

  1. vSwitches
  2. eSwithes
  3. Traditional Switches
  4. Physical Switches

Virtualization improves resource utilization: 6 cores are functionally equivalent to 7 cores and 8 GB functionally equivalent to 10 GB (True or false)


Virtual hardware correspond to physical hardware in a one-to-one mapping. Virtualization technologies can virtualize one physical device into one virtual device. (True or false)


What is the Huawei Cloud Computing Solution name?

  1. FusionStack
  2. FusionSphere
  3. FusionCloud
  4. FusionCompute

FusionAccess provides a customer experience oriented “any devices ” + “any networks ” + “any applications” solution seamless visit to cloud (True or false)





What main terms best describe cloud computing?

Parallel processing
Virtualization (storage, compute)
Dynamic and expandable

Name four reasons why a company could consider using a cloud computing solution?

improved hw utilization
lower labor cost
lower energy cost
OS and app hw independent

What is compute virtualization?

Когда один CPU делится несколькими машинами
Когда несколько машин выполняют совместные вычисления

Which of the following are the deployment models of cloud computing?

  1. Private cloud
  2. Public cloud
  3. Hybrid cloud
  4. Desktop cloud

Which of the following is not the deployment mode of cloud computing?
A.Public cloud
B.Private cloud
C.Hybrid cloud
D.E-Government cloud


Which of the following are the business models of cloud computing?

  1. IaaS
  2. PaaS
  3. SaaS
  4. DaaS

Which of the following does not belong to business models of cloud computing?


Which of the following models of cloud computing can be described as: the cloud provider arranges the installation, configuration and updating of all operting systems and applications a user remotely connects to.

  1. IaaS
  2. PaaS
  3. SaaS
  4. DaaS

Which of the following are the benefits of cloud datacenters?
A.Distributed computing and storage improve reliability.
B.Virtualization technology improves resource utilization.
C.Mainframe servers improve performance.
D.Unified resource management improves efficiency.


Statement 1: A category of the deployment of cloud computing is the division of a big physical machine into small virtual machines.
Statement 2: A category of the deployment of cloud computing is the aggregation of smaller physical machines into a big physical machine.
A.Statement 1 and 2 are true.
B.Statement 1 is true; Statement 2 is false.
C.Statement 1 is false; Statement 2 is true.
D.Statement 1 and 2 are false.


Which of the following are false about cloud computing?
A.Cloud computing is dynamically scalable.
B.End users of cloud computing need to know how the cloud operates.
C.Cloud computing can provides virtual disk space.
D.Cloud computing should only be considered in very specific situations.


The Huawei FusionCube solution provides such functions as computing, storage and network (T/F).

Как называется ПО устанавливаемое на все хосты сайта при развертывании облачной ОС FusionCompute.
Computing Node Agent (CNA)
Облачная ОС FusionCompute использует в своей работе базу данных. Для сценария масштабного развертывания среды облачных вычислений применяется БД Oracle, а для средних и небольших – именно эта база данных.
Gauss database

В чем заключается Northbound функции FusionManager.

По сути это API для вышестоящих сервисов, а Southbound - куда подключаются управляемые устройства/VM платформы.
Северный интерфейс (англ. Northbound interface, сокр. NBI) — в программировании это программный интерфейс, с помощью которого приложение представляет низкоуровневые детали вышестоящему в архитектуре системы приложению. Северный интерфейс обычно рисуют наверху архитектурной схемы.

Fingerprint может использоваться для авторизации в приложениях.

T, только требует установки ПО по работе с отпечатком в ОС VDI.

CD-ROM host machine доступен для VM.


Виртуализация приближает OS к Hardware и повышает производительность.

Storage Virtualization может реализовываться на базе IP SAN/FC SAN/NAS/Local Storage.

Из трех типов виртуализации только Storage Device Virtualization позволяет реализовать продвинутые фичи типа thing provisioning, snapsot, linked clone и не может работать на двух оставшихся типах Raw Device+Logical Volume или Host Storage Virtualization+File System.

F, весь расширенный функционал который поддерживает Storage Device Virtualization поддерживает и Host Storage Virtualization+File System и даже больше

vGPU функционал поддерживает любой hardware GPU

F, только Nvidia grid K1/K2, которые могут на себе создавать vGPU. которые биндятся к VM. Причем даже на них без поддержки HA.

FusionAccess is a virtual desktop control system developed by Huawei. It is mainly used to create and provision virtual desktops.


Какой компонент FusionAccess не разворачивается с отказоустойчивостью active-standby?


Все компоненты FusionAccess разворачиваются на VM.


Huawei FusionAccess allows users to log into VMs by using Android or iOS mobile terminals.


The Huawei FusionCloud Desktop solution consists of FusionCompute, FusionManager, and FusionAccess.


FusionManager can centrally manage VMware’s vCenter and Huawei’s FusionCompute.


Linked clone VMs provide higher perormance than full copy VMs.

F (меньше времени создаются и меньше потребляют памяти, производительность аналогичная full copy)

When deploying Huawei deskop cloud, users must use TCs to access the deskop cloud.


Cloud compuing hardware devices include servers, storage devices, nework devices, and client devices.


VRM nodes can be deployed on VMs or on physical servers.


VMs in a linked clone VM group share a system disk and feature quick creation and easy software update.


VRM is the core management component of FusionCompute. It implements I service orchestration, provisioning, and automatic management, as well as cascading management.


When FusionAccess is deployed in branches, users in the branches cannot connect to desktop cloud systems if networks between the branches and the headquarters are interrupted.


When creating a VM template, you need to enable the Windows firewall.


Cloud computing is a type of computing technology based on Internet. Using this technology, end users can provide shared hardware and software resources and information for computers and other devices on demand.


FusionSphere does not support mainstream X86 servers or SAN storage devices.


Which way does FusionManager use to interact with FusionCompute?

  1. FusionCompute Driver
  2. FusionCompute SDK
  3. FusionCompute API
  4. FusionCompute SOAP
А.  Взаимодействия между FusionManager и FusionCompute со стороны FusionManager осуществляется через driver для FusionCompute. Со стороны через FusionCompute взаимодействие происходит через REST интерфейс, который взаимодействует с драйвером. Помимо REST у FusionManager есть и другие открытые интерфейсы - Java SDK (драйвер для взаимодействия с VMware), SOAP, SNMP.
В каком компоненты FusionSphere находится функционал DHCP сервера
FusionSphere -> VSAM (DHCP, ACL, LB) - Virtual Service Appliance Management
За что отвечает AccessGateway
AG (Access Gateway) - удаленный доступ к DC (intranet из extranet) на базе SSL VPN, типа VPN концентратора (авторизация, назначение прав, NAT)

Bare-metal virtualization delivers a high performance and supports multiple OSs. It is a major virtualization trend.


Which of the following is not a FusionAccess component?

  1. ITA
  2. HDC
  3. WI
  4. VRM

Какой компонент требует обязательной установки перед установкой FusionAccess


Huawei FusionCloud solution has 3+1 major parts:


Which of the following are Huawei cloud computing software modules?

  1. FusionCompute
  2. FusionManager
  3. FusionAccess
  4. FusionStorage

Huawei cloud computing solution is called FusionCloud. It consists of three solutions: Infrastructure Virtualization, Fusion Cube, and Desktop Cloud Solutions (true or false)


What is Huawei cloud computing “hardware” architecture?

E6000/E9000, RH2288H

What is Huawei cloud computing software architecture?


How many cloud computing solutions are provide by Huawei?

1 FusionSphere
1.1 FusionCompute
1.1 FusionManager
2 FusionCube
3 FusionAccess
4 FusionInsight

Which type of desktop is suitable for cloud call center?

  1. Full copy VM
  2. Linked clone VM
  3. Graphics Desktop
  4. Security Desktop

How frequently should you restart a user VM?

  1. Every 1 day
  2. Every 1 week
  3. Every 1 month
  4. Every 3 months

Which desktop group type is supported by linked clone VMs?

  1. Dynamic pool
  2. Static pool
  3. Both dynamic pool and static pool
  4. Neither dynamic pool nor static pool

Which of the following functions is provided by the application layer protocol DNS?

  1. Mapping from network device names to IP addresses
  2. Mapping from network hardware addresses to IP addresses
  3. Mapping from process addresses to IP addresses
  4. Mapping from usernames to process addresses

Which of the following options must be enabled before VMs can be migrated among hosts using CPUs of different generations?

  1. DRS
  2. DPM
  3. IMC mode
  4. HA

FusionManager can be installed in many ways. When FusionManager is deployed in a VMware virtualization environment, which of the following installation mode is recommended?

  1. FusionManager installation using an ISO image.
  2. FusionManager installation using a template.
  3. Automatic PME installation.
  4. FusionManager installation using either the ISO image or the template.

Which of the following protocols is developed by Huawei to solve the problems of virtual desktops, such as poor experience, low compatibility, and difficulty in management?

  1. RDP
  2. ICA
  3. HDX
  4. HDP

Which of the following can be counted as the base for the Huawei FusionCloud solution?

  1. FusionAccess
  2. FusionSphere
  3. FusionInsight
  4. FusionCube

Which of the following statements about virtual or physical hardware are CORRECT?

  1. Virtual hardware and physical hardware are in a one-to-one mapping relationship.
  2. The specification of virtual hardware CANNOT be adjusted flexibly.
  3. Due to the use of new technology, the performance of virtual hardware is higher than that of physical hardware.
  4. Users can use virtual hardware just like physical hardware.

What is the most distinct characteristic of virtualization antivirus function provided by Huawei cloud platform compared with the traditional antivirus software?

  1. Centralized management and control
  2. No need to install antivirus software on the user VM
  3. High efficiency of virus scanning and removing
  4. Supporting multiple OSs

Which of the following is NOT the benefit that virtualization brings?

  1. Improving hardware usage
  2. Reducing energy consumption
  3. Improving server performance
  4. Decoupling the OS and hardware

What does FusionStorage mainly provide in the deployment of Huawei desktop cloud FusionCube?

  1. FusionStorage provides infrastructure virtualization. Centered on computing virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization, It assembles heterogeneous hardware resources as a resource pool and provides resource scheduling and service assurance in the resource pool.
  2. FusionStorage provides cloud management function. It provides infrastructure resource distribution, inter-cluster resource scheduling, application distribution, and application scaling for external devices in a unified manner.
  3. FusionStorage provides high-performance distributed storage. By assembling service disks as a resource pool and storing data on multiple nodes in a redundant manner, FusionStorage implements a large number of concurrent IO accesses.
  4. FusionStorage provides unified discovery, automatic configuration, and fault monitoring for hardware devices.

Which of the following items is a full copy in common snapshot technology classifications?

  1. CoW
  2. RoW
  3. Mirror splitting
  4. WA

During physical network device configuration, which of the following is used to isolate different network planes?

  1. Port
  2. IP address
  3. MAC address
  4. VLAN

If FusionCompute is installed on Huawei servers, you must know the BMC system IP address and host management network port IP address. Which of the following descriptions of the IP addresses is CORRECT?

  1. They are the same IP address.
  2. The BMC system IP address is to add CNA nodes to the FusionCompute system.
  3. The host management port IP address is used to remotely install operating systems on physical hosts.
  4. The BMC system IP address can be added to the FusionCompute system to facilitate automatic host power-on and power-off.

ebackup is a backup management software of Huawei FusionSphere. Which level of backup is it used for?

  1. Storage level
  2. Host level
  3. VM level
  4. OS level

Which of the following components is an optional component for FusionAccess?

  1. SVN
  2. HDC
  3. ITA
  4. WI

Which of the following virtual disk types is used by FusionCompute VMs with the thin-provisioning configuration?

  1. Dynamic disk
  2. Fixed disk
  3. Differential disk
  4. HA

In the Huawei FusionSphere solution, if HA needs to be triggered to migrate VMs to other servers in the event of a server failure, which of the following conditions is not mandatory?

  1. The hosts must be in the same cluster.
  2. HA has been enabled for the cluster accommodating the host.
  3. The hosts are connected with the same shared data store.
  4. VMs that require the HA function use the same network IP address segment.

Each IT administrator in an enterprise manages 1500 devices and the fault response is quick. Which of the following devices is most likely used?

  1. Physical server
  2. Virtual server
  3. Virtual desktop PC
  4. Physical PC

Which NUMA technology is supported by Huawei virtualization?

  1. Host NUMA
  2. Guest NUMA
  3. Both host and guest NUMA.
  4. Neither host nor guest NUMA.

Which of the following are components of FusionCompute?

  1. UltraVR
  2. Virtual Resource Management (VRM)
  3. FusionManager
  4. Computing Node Agent (CNA)

Which of the following are cloud computing deployment modes?

  1. Public cloud
  2. Private cloud
  3. E-Government Cloud
  4. Hybrid cloud

Which of the following types of networks can be used by a VPC?

  1. Direct network
  2. Routed network
  3. Internal network
  4. Closed network

Huawei provides end-to-end cloud computing solutions covering hardware and software. Which of the following hardware components is optional in the Huawei cloud computing solutions?

  1. Server
  2. Load balancer
  3. Firewall
  4. TCs

Administrators in the FusionManager system can be granted the ServiceAdmin and OperationAdmin roles. Which of the following descriptions of the two roles is CORRECT?

  1. The OperationAdmin role focuses on service operations.
  2. The ServiceAdmin role focuses on resource pool construction, management and maintenance.
  3. The ServiceAdmin role focuses on service operations.
  4. The OperationAdmin role focuses on resource pool construction, management and maintenance.

Which of the following features are provided by FusionCompute?

  1. Raw Device Mapping (RDM)
  2. VM HA
  3. VPC
  4. Remote CD/DVD-ROM Driver mounting
ABD (C нет т.к. это FusionManager)

Which of the following functions are based on Huawei Virtual Image Management System (VIMS)?

  1. Thin provisioning
  2. VM snapshot
  3. Storage migration
  4. Linked cloning

Which of the following aspects reflect that the virtualization technology of cloud computing improves the resource usage?

  1. VM resource adjustment
  2. Memory overcommitment
  3. Improving server usage
  4. Automatic application deployment

Which of the following functions are supported by FusionSphere user management?

  1. Creates a user.
  2. Modifies a user.
  3. Deletes a user.
  4. Locks or unlocks a user.
  5. Resets a user password.

Which of the following functions are supported by FusionManager?

  1. Centralized management of heterogeneous virtualization platforms.
  2. Centralized monitoring of heterogeneous hardware.
  3. Secure network isolation.
  4. Multi-tenant management.

An user rents VMs from a cloud service provider for daily use and returns them when traveling. Which of the following key characteristics of cloud computing does this reflect?

  1. On-demand self-service
  2. Location-independent resource pool
  3. Pay per use
  4. Elasticity

What are the two factors in FusionAccess USB key authentication?

  1. USB key hardware
  2. Domain account
  3. User fingerprint
  4. PIN code

Which of the following functions does the FusionAccess WI provide?

  1. It provides a web login page for users.
  2. It is used to balance web access loads.
  3. It is a desktop access protocol gateway that isolates internal and external networks and encrypts transmission.
  4. It exchanges information with the HDA in the VM and collects information about the VM operating status and access status reported by the HDA.

Which of the following descriptions of FusionCompute is INCORRECT?

  1. FusionCompute is virtualization software of FusionSphere.
  2. FusionCompute virtualizes x86 servers, storage devices, and network devices to form elastic IT resource pools.
  3. FusionCompute implements IT service orchestration and provisioning as well as automatic deployment.
  4. FusionCompute is the foundation for FusionSphere.
C (это задачи FusionManager)

Which of the following statements about the active directory (AD) is most accurate?

  1. The AD serves as a database.
  2. The AD is a database used to store user information.
  3. The AD is a database used to store computer accounts.
  4. The AD is a collection of user information, computer accounts, service configurations, and other object information.

A desktop cloud is considered as a PC in a cloud, which of the following technologies is its underlying core technology?

  1. Distributed management
  2. Desktop protocol
  3. Virtualization
  4. Mobile terminal

FusionSphere consists of multiple components. What is the logical position of FusionCompute from the FusionSphere positioning?

  1. Above FusionManager
  2. Between FusionManager and physical devices
  3. Above FusionAccess
  4. FusionCompute consists of FusionManager and FusionAccess

Which of the following components belong to the E9000 server?

  1. Management module
  2. Compute node
  3. PSU
  4. Switch module

Which hardware devices can FusionManager manage?

  1. Storage devices
  2. Servers
  3. Switches
  4. Firewalls
  5. LBs (loadbalancers)

Which of the following descriptions of a VPC is INCORRECT?

  1. A VPC provides an isolated network environment.
  2. VPNs can be used in a VPC.
  3. Security groups can be used in a VPC.
  4. A VPC does not provide NAT services.
D  (provide many firewall functions, including firewall)

Which of the following statements is CORRECT about the virtual memory of VMs?

  1. The VMM needs to save the mapping between physical memory address and virtual memory address.
  2. The use of virtual memory is the same as physical memory, which can be used directly without conversion.
  3. Physical memory can be divided into multiple memory blocks, and each VM is assigned a single virtual memory block.
  4. A virtual memory address maps to a physical memory address. When the memory overcommitment technology is used, available virtual memory is less than or equal to the physical memory.

Which benefits those cloud computing bring to enterprise IT?

  1. Reusing resources, improving resource usage
  2. Unified maintenance, cutting down maintenance costs
  3. Fast and elastic, and flexible deployment
  4. Central data management, enhancing information security

Which of the following optional modules are included in Huawei FusionSphere architecture?

  1. FusionCompute
  2. FusionStorage
  3. FusionNetwork
  4. FusionCloud

What are the ways for implementing network virtualization?

  1. eSwitch
  2. vSwitch
  3. Physical switch
  4. Network router

Which are main components of FusionAccess?

  1. AD, DHCP and DNS
  2. LB and AG
  3. HDC
  4. WIN and ITA

Which of the following software systems are mainly involved in the FusionCloud deployment?

  1. FusionCompute
  2. FusionManager
  3. FusionAccess
  4. FusionSphere


When a company builds IT systems, using virtualization platform to make the physical server abstractly being combined into multiple virtual servers to use, to improve resource utilization and reduce enterprise investment costs. Which kind of genre does the company’s use of cloud computing belong to?

  1. big divided into small
  2. gather small to big
  3. virtualize one server to many servers
  4. integrate many to one

The following about FusionManager basic concepts description, which is wrong?

  1. Region is a region, such as the Asia-Pacific region
  2. DC is data center concept, such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo Data Center
  3. Zone is an independent two-story network area within data center
  4. Cluster is data center virtualization network isolation boundary

Compared with RDP protocol, the desktop connection protocol that FusionAccess use have the characteristics such as many peripherals supports and good multimedia performance. But its occupied bandwidth is larger than RDP protocol.


A company’s cloud computing environment is constructed by themselves. And it combines resources into virtual desktops to provide for employees to use. This usage mode belongs to PaaS


Cloud service providers in a virtual machine install the operating system, middleware and application software, and then provide this overall resource for the users to use. This cloud computing business model belongs to SaaS.


When deploying FusionCompute, it is recommended to deploy the primary and secondary VRM directly on the physical host, to improve the management node performance.

F, рекомендуется на VM в режимах active/standby

Huawei cloud computing software can be deployed in advance on the specific hardware. Software and hardware are combined to be one machine and sell to customers. Which of the following Huawei servers support one machine deployment mode? (Multiple choice)

  1. E9000
  2. RH5885
  3. RH2288H
  4. X8000

Which of the following does not belong to FusionInsight architecture?

  1. DataFarm
  2. VRM
  3. Hadoop
  4. Manager

Desktop Cloud is also known as “cloud PC,” What is the underlying core technology?

  1. Distributed Management Technology
  2. Desktop Protocol technology
  3. virtualization technology
  4. mobile terminal technology

FusionCube uses an innovative architecture to solve the I/O performance bottlenecks problem, what does the architecture refer to?

  1. computing, networking and storage infrastructure integration architecture
  2. linear expansion architecture
  3. Integration of hardware and software architecture
  4. Distributed Server SAN architecture

Which CPU virtualization technology is the future trend?

  1. Full virtualization
  2. Paravirtualization
  3. sojourn virtualization
  4. hardware-assisted virtualization

 Which of the following are the components of FusionCompute? (Multiple choice)

  1. Ultra VR components
  2. VRM components
  3. FusionCompute components
  4. CNA components

When using the FusionCompute’s installation wizard to deploy VRM, you can configure and manage VLAN and set the VLAN ID. If not checked, then which of the following is the management VLAN that VRM uses by default?

  1. Host Manage VLAN that belongs to network cards
  2. VLAN 0
  3. VLAN 1
  4. randomly select VLAN

Huawei cloud computing solutions brands, including which of the following solutions? (Multiple choice)

  1. FusionSphere infrastructure virtualization
  2. FusionServer Huawei server
  3. FusionAccess cloud access management
  4. FusionInsight Big Data Processing

FusionInsight does not support user rights management.


The following description about Huawei cloud computing solutions host CPU configuration requirements, which is wrong?

  1. Intel or AMD X86 architecture’s 32-bit, 64-bit CPU
  2. CPU supports hardware virtualization technology
  3. Turn on the CPU virtualization features in the BIOS
  4. within the same cluster, computing nodes CPU models can be inconsistent

Cloud computing virtualization technology can improve the utilization of resources, which of the followings are included? (Multiple choice)

  1. virtual machine resources adjustment
  2. reuse memory
  3. to improve server utilization
  4. Application automatic deployment

Which techology does VPC’s Layer-two security isolation use?

  1. ULAN
  2. Security Group
  3. ACL
  4. VPN

The second layer of the OSI reference model is the data link layer.


What are the benefits of VLAN division? (Select 3 Answers)

  1. isolation broadcast domain, inhibit the broadcast message
  2. separating the different users , improve network security
  3. virtual workgroups , working method beyond the traditional network
  4. Use a router on the network layer section will network isolation

Based on subnet division of VLAN , according to the subnet segments of access the client to inspect.


A department office staff use the laptop computer, but the working place often changes, which way is used suitable to configure VLAN ?

  1. based on port division of VLAN
  2. based on protocol division of VLAN
  3. based on subnet division of VLAN
  4. based on MAC address division of VLAN

Based on MAC address division of VLAN, access the client can move freely, without hysical location limitations.


Port-based divided VLAN, access the client can move freely .


What are the problems of traditional desktop application?

  1. large energy consumption
  2. high maintenance costs
  3. PC replacement cost is high
  4. low performance

What are the challenges of traditional IT systems ? (Select 3 Answers)

  1. centralized management and control of resources , low per capita efficiency
  2. chimney business system, the business exclusive resources
  3. lower operation and maintenance efficiency, high maintenance costs
  4. large energy consumption

What are the advantages of cloud computing

  1. upgrading and expansion without service interruption
  2. standalone hardware resource utilization is high
  3. rapid deployment, flexible expansion
  4. automatic scheduling, energy conservation and emissions reduction

Which of the following problem is not what a traditional data processing systems face?

  1. high storage costs
  2. network bandwidth is insufficient
  3. single data source
  4. under large data volume, lack of data-processing performance

What are the main functions of FusionAccess? (Multiple choice)

  1. assets management, manage the relationship between user and virtual machine
  2. user access, users can view and operate their own virtual machine
  3. Desktop transmission, using a virtual machine through desktop link protocol
  4. resource scheduling, manage and schedule cloud platform computing, storage resources

A company now has a set of VMware vCenter environment, ready to introduce Huawei FuionSphere solutions. In the following FusionSphere functions’ each component, which is the most suitable for the enterprise unified management of these two environments?


GPU virtualization refers to creating multiple vGPU on a physical GPU. Each virtual machine by binding vGPU can directly access to physical GPU’s part of hardware resoures, so that it can realize enabling virtual machines to share GPU capabilities. It can be applied to any type of video card.

Which of the following are not VRM components of FusionCompute?
  1. BRM
  2. PMS
  3. LOG
  4. VNA

For bare metal architecture, description not correct is.

  1. Virtual machine does not depend on the operating system
  2. Support for multiple operating systems, multiple applications
  3. Huawei FusionSphere is a typical bare metal architecture
  4. VMware WorkStation is a typical bare metal architecture

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