Network: RIP

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  • RIP – метрика количество хопов, т.е. число маршрутизаторов к сети назначения.
RIP поддерживает маски и аутентификацию?
Какое максимальное расстояние до сети назначения возможно в протоколе RIP?
15 (как рабочее) 16 (нерабочая метрика)

Which of the following statements about RIP protocol priorities are true?

a.With routing protocol priorities, a route obtained by a certain routing protocol can be selected as the optimal route according to the specified routing policy.

b.A greater value of the RIP routing protocol priority means a higher priority.

c.The RIP protocol priority can be set manually on a router.

d.By default, the RIP protocol priority of Huawei router is 100.


What features does RIPv2 provide?

a.Extension of subnet mask(VLSM)

b.Large scale network

c.Plain text authentication

d.MD5 encrypted text authentication




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