Network: эволюция производительности сетевых устройств и трансиверов (100G, 400G, 800G)


The first 16 ports, marked in green, are capable of wire-rate MACsec and Cloudsec encryption.
The post is structured around the use cases and traffic patterns at the time of writing. 10 GbE was fast enough for a lot of data center networks a decade ago.
      • Если устройство по производительности “вырвалось” уже слишком далеко от других или нужна большая плотность портов с меньшей производительностью – можно использовать breakout/fan-out кабеля (DAC/optical).
Переходные МРО патчкорды называют – harness cable, breakout cable, либо fan-out cable.

Патчкорды МРО-МРО тип-В используют для соединения высокоскоростных трансиверов 40G и 100G, форм-факторов QSFP+, QSFP28, CFP, CFP2, CFP4. Они позволяют вести параллельную приём и передачу по нескольким волокнам, которые собраны в один компактный кабель диаметром 3 мм.

QSFP-40G-PLR4 can support 4 individual 10G-LR connections using a 4×10G mode and fiber breakout cables or cassettes for single mode fiber.

Сейчас уже норма устройства с 100g портами (модули QSFP28 и крупнее, например CFP; причем модули стоят уже от 10к рублей и даже в России):

QSFP28 может использоваться как для 100G, так и для 40G/50G.
SFP28 может использоваться для 25G.
The FortiGate 3980E enterprise firewall is the world’s first terabit per second network security appliance – delivering 1.12 Tbps firewall performance in addition to 470 Gbps secured VPN throughput

The FortiGate 3980E performance is validated by Ixia’s BreakingPoint and latest CloudStorm 100GE Application and Security Test Load Module.
There are two industry draft specifications that Ixia’s customers are using to implement the 25-Gigabit
Ethernet (25GE) speed on their network equipment that has QSFP28 or SFP28 physical interfaces.
1. IEEE P802.3by/Draft Standard version 3.2, as of 29th March 2016
2. 25G50G Consortium/Draft Specification version 1.6 as of August 18th, 2015
Currently, both of the draft specifications are not available to everyone in the industry. The IEEE draft
standard is only open to companies and individuals that are IEEE members. The 25G50G Consortium
draft specification is only available to the member companies of the 25G50G Consortium
( ). As a result, Ixia cannot expect every customer to have a complete set of
knowledge on these emerging industry specifications. However, Ixia is a member of both organizations.

Given that the above specifications have not been ratified and the standards are continuing to evolve, Ixia
anticipates that when using certain combinations of link establishment settings coupled with the physical
media types chosen, there may be instances where basic interoperability between Ixia’s Novus 25GE
product and your device may fail to establish a link. In such scenarios it is our experience that a joint
investigation is required to identify the cause of the link failure, so our recommendation is to contact the
Ixia Support organization.
      • При этом в новых стандартах, несмотря на дикие скорости, может работать FEC. Судя по описанию и доке Arista как для меди так и для оптики. На меди так же auto-negotiation.
The IEEE/Consortium defaults are as follows when a copper cable is detected:
 Auto-negotiation and link Training is Enabled
 BASE-R-FEC Request is Enabled
 BASE-R FEC Advertise is Enabled
 Force BASE-R FEC On is Disabled
 Force BASE-R FEC Off is Disabled
The IEEE/Consortium defaults are as follows when a fiber cable or media detected
 Auto-negotiation and link Training is Disabled
 BASE-R FEC Request is Disabled
 BASE-R FEC Advertise is Disabled
 Force BASE-R FEC On is Disabled
 Force BASE-R FEC Off is Enabled

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